Here's why you'll fall in love

Enhances your performance

Temporarily suppressing nerve activity and causing vasoconstriction to decrease your pain and reduce inflammation so you can recover faster and train at your best.

Boosts your immune system

Helping to increase T cells and anti-inflammatory chemicals, while decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines to promote a stronger immune system.

Elevates your sleep & mind-clarity

Helping to modulate your endocrine system, resulting in optimized hormone levels that allow you to sleep better, think more clearly and operate at a higher level.

Relieves stress & anxiety

Plasma noradrenaline and dopamine concentrations can increase by up to 530% and 250% respectively, resulting in decreased cortisol supporting a relaxed and happy state.


The Classic Cold Plunge Tub Bundle

The Classic Cold Plunge Tub Bundle is perfect for anyone looking for a clean & consistent at-home or on the road cold tub experience. Our complete set, consisting of our tub and chiller, can cool water to 3 degrees Celsius (37F) for a deep chill. The tub's insulated walls allow for faster and more efficient cooling and maintained temperatures. Plus, our Wi-Fi con... Read More


The Barrel Cold Plunge Tub Bundle

The Barrel Cold Plunge Tub Bundle is ideal for individuals seeking a compact and water-efficient tub while desiring a clean and consistent at-home or on-the-road cold tub experience. Our comprehensive set, comprising the tub and chiller, is capable of cooling water to 3 degrees Celsius (37F), ensuring a deep chill. The tub's insulated walls enable faster and more effici... Read More


Why we are canada's #1 cold plunge


Our light & sturdy inflatable tub packs into a backpack including air pump, taking less than 15 minutes to inflate, fill and connect.


The powerful 0.8 Horsepower Wi-Fi enabled Chiller precisely cools down the water to 3°C (37°F) or heats up to 42°C (105°F).


Simple plug-and-play design with a standard 110V electrical connection giving you the ease to set up without the need for professional tools or an electrician.


Built in 2-step filtration with UV disinfection and a 20-micron filter that keeps the water fresh to avoid draining and refilling regularly.

Coldture Comparison


Portable - Take It Everywhere

20 Micron Water Filter

Wifi-Enabled Temp Control

Powerful 3/4HP Cooling to 3C/37F

Extra Deep Design for Full Submersion

coldture REVIEWS

Nicole G. - Toronto, ON

“WOW! The energy that rushes through my body every morning is nothing like I have felt before. It gets me focused and ready to take on the hectic day ahead!”

Igor R. - Brooklyn, NY

“Without a doubt, hands down, the absolute best routine one can add to their daily life. I can finally sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night. I wake up more rested even on less hours of sleep. - Thank you Coldture.”

Lee-Anne B. - Recovering from workouts and menopause symptoms

We were very excited to discover a cold tub that was so easy to use and from a Canadian company! We are masters athlete CrossFitters and the addition of regular cold baths to our recovery routine has been terrific. Less muscle pain, faster recovery and better sleep. The Coldture tub has also been so helpful with menopause symptoms in terms of my body temperature and my mood.

Ryan C. - Love my cold plunge and the customer service at Coldture

My best purchase of the year. Both Mike and Dan have been great in my cold plunge journey from the first day I ordered. The ordering process was simple and straightforward and it was delivered within a reasonable window of the anticipated delivery date. I emailed a couple of times with questions and they responded right away with helpful, thoughtful tips. Now I might have developed a slight addiction to my tub. I've been plunging 2-3 times per day. Experimenting with durations and time of day. The results have been better sleep, more energy during the day and above all the ability to disrupt my thoughts if I'm dealing with any life issues. Fight with wife...let me plunge and get back to you. Employee irritating me...let me plunge and then deal with you. Kids going crazy.. let me plunge and then yell at you....hahaha.. But seriously it's amazing.


What makes an ice bath superior to a cold shower or cryochamber?

Whilst cold showers are a great start to your cold therapy journey, ice-baths are the best way to unlock the ultimate benefits of cold-water immersion. Ice baths create a more intense and effective experience as it causes all your skin’s receptors to fire in unison. This intensity triggers a “protection response” from your body and releases feel-good hormones and lowers cortisol. Furthermore, the hydrostatic pressure helps your body conduct heat transfers more efficiently than a shower or cryochamber, given the water density.

When will my order be shipped?

Coldture guarantees 4-6 week delivery. At the time of purchase, please speak with a Coldture representative to receive an exact delivery estimate to your location. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way with tracking information.

Where do you ship to?

We’re a Canadian company and currently ship anywhere in Canada and the USA.

What’s the Coldture difference?

We’re proudly Canadian – meaning we know cold. Unlike other ice baths, Coldture is completely portable but with all the premium features, and made for both athletes and high-performers who want to inject ice baths into their routine.


3/4HP Chiller Cools Water to 3 Celsius (37°F)

Features Advanced two-step filtration method

Portable - All-in-one contained unit

Indoor and Outdoor Use (-10°C/14°F)

Integrated Heating to 40 Celsius (105°F)

Plug and Play - Self-priming circulation pump

WiFi-enabled Temperature Remote Control System

Industrial-grade Components

Insulated Walls and Cover for Efficient Cooling

One Year Standard Warranty (Chiller & Tub)

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews

I love the material of the tub. But the set up was not so easy with the guide provided via QR code. Although I did find a good YouTube video to help me with the set up and it was easy after all. The chiller takes a long time to chill to desired temperature about an hour to 90 minutes, but overall, I’m happy with this product.

Lyle Crispin
An outstanding system.

I have been practicing cold plunge for many months in a simple tub. This bundle is everything needed to set up and with minimal maintenance. I highly recommend this kit and the company has been well above the norm in customer service! The purchase was easily facilitated and coach call with a cold coach Marie. I feel I am on a well founded path for healthy use of the system.

Best for tall folks

I've tried all the tubs...stock tanks, cheap small vinyl tubs, rain barrels, etc. This is just the best option all around, especially if you are over 6'0". I am 6'3" and would still love this thing if I were at the 6'6" my childhood basketball coaches hoped for. Ample space, upright position, submersion to the neck, easy complete immersion over the head if desired, etc. If you are making cold therapy a regular part of your wellness routine, you will not be disappointed to invest in this tub. Fits in the corner of my garage gym and makes jumping in cold water for a few minutes every morning super easy...even if I always dread getting in. I never regret it once I get back out!


They best!


Obsessed!!!!! I feel so amazing after every plunge! Joints and muscles feel awesome!