ColdCare+ is everything you need to keep plunging. Delivered to you every three months. Cancel anytime.

Extended 2 year warranty

We believe in the impact that your cold plunge makes and hope you will use it for years to come. Every Coldture active subscription includes our premium 2 year limited warranty service. You must be subscribed to receive warranty on your product.

All other Coldture owners receive our 1 year limited warranty.

Yearly supply of Premium Sanitizer kit.

All of the necessary components for effective water treatment. The pack includes chlorine, an oxidizer, alkalinity plus, and testing strips, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for maintaining water balance that you’ll need to use every 8 - 12 months.

Filters delivered so you never have to think about re-ordering again.

Get 2 filters delivered to your door every 3 months to maintain the cleanest water for your Plunge experience. We recommend that you replace your filter every 45 days. To extend the life of your filter, clean once a week.