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I love the material of the tub. But the set up was not so easy with the guide provided via QR code. Although I did find a good YouTube video to help me with the set up and it was easy after all. The chiller takes a long time to chill to desired temperature about an hour to 90 minutes, but overall, I’m happy with this product.

Premium Absorbent Mat
Cole Mikautsch

Premium Absorbent Mat

Premium 20-micron Filters
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Premium 20-micron Filters

Premium 20-micron Filters
Garry MacPherson

Premium 20-micron Filters

An outstanding system.

I have been practicing cold plunge for many months in a simple tub. This bundle is everything needed to set up and with minimal maintenance. I highly recommend this kit and the company has been well above the norm in customer service! The purchase was easily facilitated and coach call with a cold coach Marie. I feel I am on a well founded path for healthy use of the system.

Best for tall folks

I've tried all the tubs...stock tanks, cheap small vinyl tubs, rain barrels, etc. This is just the best option all around, especially if you are over 6'0". I am 6'3" and would still love this thing if I were at the 6'6" my childhood basketball coaches hoped for. Ample space, upright position, submersion to the neck, easy complete immersion over the head if desired, etc. If you are making cold therapy a regular part of your wellness routine, you will not be disappointed to invest in this tub. Fits in the corner of my garage gym and makes jumping in cold water for a few minutes every morning super easy...even if I always dread getting in. I never regret it once I get back out!

Obsessed!!!!! I feel so amazing after every plunge! Joints and muscles feel awesome!

Premium Sanitizer Starter Pack

Love this product but the tub does have leaking problems regardless of how many gaskets you use. Be prepare for leaks and you will have no issues. The chiller does leak when in use so make sure you prepare when putting it in a place you don’t mind getting wet. It does a great job getting cold and staying cold and does the job well done regardless of the leaking.

Hey Ana, this is not a widespread issue we see amongst our customers. We are happy to have rectified this issue with you!

Premium 20-micron Filters


Easy to use! Best recovery tool ever !

First Time Cold Tub Buyer and User!

First time buyer, and user and can say I am happy with the purchase and the great personal customers service I have received. It really is a turn key system and the app is a game changer to have complete control on my phone from anywhere. I do need a good hour before having it get to my optimal temp and I find going in it before bed really helps me sleep better. Currently I am doing the plunges between 4 - 5 degrees for 3 minutes.

Great product. Great service. Thanks

Great product.
Great service.
Thanks Coldture!!

Great product. Great service. Thank

Great product.
Great service.

Thank you!!

Love my barrel tub!

So easy to set up! The tub was unboxed and ready go to in 15-minutes. It's nice and deep so I can fully submerge my entire body + big enough for two!

Life changing product. Highly recommend. Buy it, do it, and never look back. Energy is up, mood is boosted, and overall well being is better.



The Cold Plunge/Ice Bath Water Chiller

Great customer service

Great customer service

First class company

Great product and great customer service . I had a small issue and they addressed it immediately and helped me take care of it.

Total Game Changer

I got a less expensive portable cold plunge last year and it was fine. The Barrel from Coldture however, is fantastic. It feels sturdy and the width and depth makes it so much more comfortable. I plan on getting a chiller in the summer but right now the insulation and top cover keep it at a great temperature. That by itself is worth it because putting ice in my other cold plunge everyday, caused me to skip days when I just didn’t want to spend the time to set it up.

Love my new plunger!

Quick to install and easy to use. I'm taking daily plunges since purchasing the coldture tub and I'm loving it!

Excellent Product and Customer Service

Cold exposure has been part of my routine for well over a year now and since I've saved up for this tub I have not regretted it once! It's convenient, clean and best of all cold!!! The customer service has always been top tier and they are quick to answer any questions I may have.

Amazing product. I want it all !