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What are the dimensions ?

160cm (length) x 75cm (width) x 67cm (height)
(66 in x 30 in x 26h in)

Nice and comfortable for two people at the same time.

95cm (diameter) x 100cm (height)
(37.5 in di x 39 in)

Deep enough for full, up-to-your-neck immersion. Or to fully cover you legs to keep your muscles activated.

How long does it take to get cold?

The unit carries 0.8 Horsepower (HP), which cools the water down roughly 5 degrees celsius every 45min -1 hr.

Can it be used inside and outside?

Absolutely. Our systems are portable, so you can use them wherever you like. All you need is a power socket, and you’re good to go! Our chiller units are not to be left outside below -10° C. If this advice is not followed, then the warranty will be discontinued.

What are the power requirements?

Standard electrical - 110v - 6amps - is all you will need in Canada and USA. For other countries outside of North America, please contact

How does shipping works?

Orders ship within 2 - 10 business days. At the time of purchase, please speak with a Coldture representative to receive an exact delivery estimate to your location. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way with tracking information.

We’re a Canadian company and currently ship anywhere in Canada and the USA. If you're interested in our products and live outside of North America, please contact us at and we’ll work to get you our products.

How does warranty works?

Coldture offers a standard one-year warranty on all supplied tubs and chillers. We will repair or replace your product should it become defective within one year of the purchase date. Standard manufacturing defects are covered - misuse or wear & tear is not covered.

Our support team is on standby to help you through any issues you may have during or after your warranty period. Learn more about our warranty by emailing

Still got questions? Get in touch – we’re here to help.

How does payment plans works?

We’ve partnered with Affirm so that you can buy now, pay over time.
You can choose to pay over 6, 12, or 24 months. The interest will range from 0% to 10%, so you won’t end up paying over the odds.
Want to know more about our payment plans? Email


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