What is cold therapy?

Cold therapy involves immersing the body in cold or ice water to stimulate health benefits and treat health conditions. The premise being that cold water eases pain by causing blood vessels to constrict and reducing blood flow to the area (which is the reason ice reduces swelling and inflammation). Forms of cold therapy include ice baths, cold showers, cold water immersion, cold pools or cryo-chambers. Coldture uses ice baths as, based on studies and research, we believe they offer superior benefits.

When and how often should I use an ice bath?

That depends on your performance goals. If you’re looking to improve your endurance, you want to cool before, during or after. Whereas if you are looking to build strength, it’s ideal to wait 4hrs after training to get the body to respond to the stimuli. If you’re just looking for the overall general physical and mental health benefits, soak in an ice bath post training. There have been studies done that as little as 11 minutes total during the week broken down in 2-3 days has a significant response in activating your metabolism.

What is the optimal ice bath temperature?

There is some debate but leading experts recommend anywhere between 8-15 degrees Celsius/46.4-59 degrees Fahrenheit for anywhere from as little as 2-20 minutes. It’s best to start with a higher temperature/shorter time and give yourself the goal of adjusting the variable to challenge yourself as you become accustomed to using ice baths as a recovery or resilience training . Advanced ice bathers sometimes go as low as 3 degrees Celsius/37.4 degrees Fahrenheit. (Which is why our ice baths chill that low!)

What makes an ice bath superior to a cold shower or cryo-chamber?

Whilst cold showers are a great start to your cold therapy journey, ice baths are the best way to unlock the ultimate benefits. Ice baths create a more intense and effective experience by causing all your skin’s receptors to fire in unison. This intensity triggers a “protection response” from your body which releases feel-good hormones and lowers cortisol. Furthermore, the hydrostatic pressure helps your body conduct heat transfers more efficiently than a shower or cryochamber, given the water density. Studies ( have shown that cold water immersion is the most beneficial cold therapy medium when it comes to exercise recovery.

How long should I soak in an ice bath for?

This is a very personal question and varies from person to person - depending on the temperature and how long you’ve been including cold therapy as part of your daily routine anywhere from 2-20 minutes. The experience should be cold enough to make you want to get out but safe enough to do so. You can start at higher temperature (ie. 8c) then adjust duration as you build resilience; once you master that temperature lower as you see fit.

Are ice baths just for athletes?

No! Ice baths have an array of physical and mental health benefits for anyone wanting to feel and operate at their best. Many people use ice baths for resilience training; that allows them to overcome stressful situations in their daily lives in a controlled way. High performers such as Tony Robbins use ice baths daily to stimulate their body and mind and help them achieve their work, life and exercise goals. In fact it's one of the strongest controlled stimuli for activating noradrenaline and dopamine, that's why you feel great and want to do it again!


How do I get the water cold?

You don’t – the Classic/Barrel Cold Plunge Bundle - will do it for you, creating a consistent ice-cold temperature. Our products are designed for ice too, if that’s what you prefer.

How do I clean it?

Depending on usage, every 1-2 weeks inspect the filter by taking it out of the housing and using a garden hose with a higher pressure nozzle to rinse the filter. Every 1-3 months the water filter cartridge should be changed depending on your daily or moderate use. For optimal performance replace the 20-micron filter 1 a month. You should change the water periodically according to the usage and water clarity. You can connect the garden to the chiller outtake hose that pushes cold water into the tub; but instead direct the old water to the nearest drain. Using water stabilisers or epsom salts will help extend the clarity of the water. How often you clean the bath depends on the usage and environment - daily used tubs need more attention.

Can I use it outside?

Both the tub and chiller can be used outside in up to -10C/14F weather. In temperatures approaching below freezing low heating mode is activated and keeps the water from freezing. We recommend providing some shelter from direct rain to extend the chiller housing lifetime. Be cautious when operating in heavy rain as to maintain a dry plug and socket connection. The GFCI cord will protect the unit from any short circuiting but be sure that the socket is connected to ground. (Do not submerge in water - keep unit away from storm water run off)

What are the differences between the barrel and classic tub options?

Both options are compatible with our chillers or can be used with just ice, depending on your preferences and available space. Here are the key differences: - Barrel design: The barrel design offers a smaller footprint and requires less water (280L-320L). This option is popular among athletes as it allows them to focus on the lower half of their bodies without the need for full submersion. It also provides a more comfortable experience for those who enjoy a vertical dip in a crouching position, with the ability to submerge their heads for a meditative position. - Classic tub: The Classic tub is ideal for individuals who prefer the traditional style of a horizontal dip while seated. Our community greatly appreciates this classic approach to cold plunges, finding it extremely comfortable to enter and exit while ensuring a full and immersive experience. It takes up approximately 300L - 350L of water and can even accommodate two people. Both options come with insulated buckled lids, pumps, a water stopper, garden hose valves, and a double male valve for chiller connection, ensuring a convenient and efficient setup.

Is it hard to use or maintain?

No! Filling, operating and maintaining the Classic/Barrel Ice-Mini System is a breeze. Setup is easy – just inflate the tub with the included manual pump, connect the hoses from the chiller to the tub, then fill the tub using a garden hose. If you’re setting up indoors, use an adapter to use your nearby sink faucet or an expandable hose.

Why invest in a Coldture Classic or Barrel Ice Mini System over other products?

The Classic or Barrel Cold Plunge Bundle is a portable all-in-one versatile system. There’s no need for ice, as you can maintain your cold tub experience with our self-priming circulation pump and control your cold therapy protocols with our digital temperature controls. It comes with an advanced 2-step water filtration method to ensure a clean and safe dip. Plus the compact size makes it convenient for small spaces, yet big enough for full body submersion.

Should I buy the system or just the tub?

It’s completely up to you. We recommend investing in the entire Classic/Barrel Cold Plunge Bundle as it makes implementing ice baths into your routine hassle-free.


What is covered by warranty?

Coldture Offers Two Year Standard Warranty with options up to years Three (Chiller)
Coldture Offers Three Year Standard Warranty with options up to Five Years (Portable tub only)
Coldture Offers Three Year warranty on the shell surface (Pro plunge)
Coldture Offers Up to Two years warranty on the chiller unit, compressor, control panel display, pump, ozone generator and plumbing (Pro Plunge)

We offer EXTENDED WARRANTY options up to 36 months. Click Here To Purchase Extended Warranty

We will repair or replace your product should it become defective within the warranty period of the purchase date. Standard manufacturing defects are covered - misuse or wear & tear is not covered. Our support team is on standby to help you through any issues you may have during or after your warranty period. Learn more about our warranty by emailing

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Where do you ship to?

We’re a Canadian company and currently ship anywhere in Canada and the USA. If you're interested in our products and live outside of North America please contact us at support@coldture.comand we will work with you to get you our products.

What is the warranty on tubs and chillers?

Coldture offers a standard one-year warranty on all supplied tubs and chillers.

We offer EXTENDED WARRANTY options up to 36 months. Click Here To Purchase Extended Warranty

We will repair or replace your product should it become defective within Two or Five year of the purchase date. (Standard manufacturing defects are covered - misuse or wear & tear is not covered. Our support team is on standby to help you through any issues you may have during or after your warranty period. Learn more about our warranty by emailing support@coldture.comStill got questions? Get in touch– we’re here to help.

How long does shipping take?

Orders ship within 1 -3 business days. At the time of purchase, please speak with a Coldture representative to receive an exact delivery estimate to your location. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way with tracking information.

What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase – that’s why we offer a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your product, please get in touch with us at support@coldture.comso that we can do our best to rectify the situation or arrange a return (fee’s apply).