Michele Romanow

"I've tried so many cold plunge brands but Coldture is hands down the best in the game. I'm so proud to be a part of the team!"

Michele Romanow

CBC's Dragon's Den & Partner

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Worry-free plunging for 30 days

Try Coldture for 30 days. If you don't love it. Get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

2-year warranty

We believe in the quality of our product. Every Coldture purchase includes Two year standard warranty.

Financing available

Finance options available for Affrim, Pay Plan RBC, and Financeit startting at as low as $35/Week

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Live better and feel better with just 3 minutes of daily cold therapy.

Relieve Muscle Soreness

Cold plunges help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, just like using an ice pack. They improve circulation, making you feel better after a workout.

Boost Your Immune System

Regular cold plunges can strengthen your immune system, helping your body fight off illnesses by boosting white blood cells and eliminating toxins.

Build Mental and Physical Strength

Taking cold plunges pushes your body and mind, helping you build resilience and self-control by getting used to the cold.

Get an Energy Boost

Cold plunges wake you up and boost your energy levels by triggering a release of norepinephrine, which helps you feel more focused and alive.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Cold exposure can increase your metabolism as your body works to stay warm, helping you burn more calories.

Help with Weight Loss

Cold plunges activate brown fat in your body, which burns calories to generate heat, supporting weight loss efforts.

Improve Your Mood and Mental Health

Cold plunges release feel-good hormones, improving your mood and mental clarity by triggering your body's natural stress response.

Strengthen Hair and Skin

Cold water can make your hair shinier and reduce puffiness and redness in your skin, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed.

Years ago, our founders experienced the benefits of cold-water therapy and saw its transformative power for themselves.

They quickly realized there was no convenient way to access this treatment and decided to create an affordable and portable solution. After months of research, development, testing, and refining, Coldture was born.