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New Generation

The Cold Therapy Pro Plunge

The Cold Therapy Pro Plunge

The most convenient all-in-one solution that enhances your health, fits your busy routine, and looks beautiful in your home.
  • Ships Mid June
Victoria Day Sale: SAVE $500
  • Pro plunge only $11,499 (Save $500)
  • Pro plunge w/ cold care only $10,999 (Save $500)
$11,499 $11,499 $10,999
  • Starter supply of Filters
  • Save an additional $500 off Pro Plunge
  • FREE Upgrade to 3 year warranty with subscription
  • 2 Filters delivered to you every 3 months.
  • Yearly supply of Premium Water Sanitizer.
Subscription billed at $149.99/every 3 months starting once your order has shipped. Cancel anytime.
Rendering loop-subscriptions
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Get 0% APR Financing for 12 Months

Get 0% APR Financing for 12 Months


Includes 2-Year Warranty Coverage

How does subscription work?

ColdCare+ is everything you need to keep plunging. Delivered to you every three months. Cancel anytime.

Extended 2 year warranty

We believe in the impact that your cold plunge makes and hope you will use it for years to come. Every Coldture active subscription includes our premium 2 year limited warranty service. You must be subscribed to receive warranty on your product.

All other Coldture owners receive our 1 year limited warranty.

Yearly supply of Premium Sanitizer kit.

All of the necessary components for effective water treatment. The pack includes chlorine, an oxidizer, alkalinity plus, and testing strips, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for maintaining water balance that you’ll need to use every 8 - 12 months.

Filters delivered so you never have to think about re-ordering again.

Get 2 filters delivered to your door every 3 months to maintain the cleanest water for your Plunge experience. We recommend that you replace your filter every 45 days. To extend the life of your filter, clean once a week.


  • Powerful 1HP Chiller - (with a temperature range of 3°C/37°F - 40°C/104°F)
  • Advanced Ozone Sanitation
  • Large Capacity 20-Micron Filter
  • Automatic Chlorine Feeder
  • Plug & Play - 110v 10amp Electrical Requirement
  • Advanced Colour Control Display with Wifi Remote Operation
  • Adjustable jets
  • Includes Insulating Cover and Step Designed to Capture Water
  • Skimmer Filtration System (removes flowing debris and oils)
  • Commercially Certified
  • Outer Dimensions: 195cm L x 73cm W x 80cm H
  • Inner Dimensions: 133cm L x 67cm W x 69.5cm H

Shipping and returns

Every order is delivered by our white glove delivery partners with great care and protection. The delivery crew with notify you 24-72 hours before arrival to schedule a day and time. We’re a Canadian company and currently deliver anywhere in Canada and the USA. If you're interested in our products and live outside of North America, please contact us at and we’ll work to get you our products.

Do you have financing?

We have partnered with three financing partners that will provide different pay over time solutions.
All loans are open allowing you to pay them down without penalty at anytime

Affirm - ( as low as $553.62/mth)

  • 6 month term at 0% APR
  • 12 month term 0% APR
  • 24 month term 9.98% APR

*Rates based on 0-31.99% APR , Subject to eligibility check and approval.

Apply at checkout page by selecting the provider in payment section

Pay Plan by RBC - ( as low as $445/mth) ($10k max*)

  • 12 month term 0% APR
  • 24 month term 10% APR
  • 36 month term 10% APR

*Rates based on 0-18.99% APR, Subject to eligibility check and approval.

Apply at checkout page by selecting the provider in payment section

Financeit - ( as low as $34.72/wk)
Amortization Period up to 240 months (allowing for the lowest payments)
13.99% APR
*Rates based on 13.99-18.99% APR , Subject to eligibility check and approval.
Apply here:

What is white glove delivery?

More info to come soon

The delivery crew with notify you 24-72 hours before arrival to schedule a day and time. They will place it anywhere at the ground level of your location, take your Plunge out of the box and remove all packing materials. They will not set it up, but it's super easy! Plug it in to your standard wall outlet, fill the water and turn it on. If you have special delivery requests please contact us at and we will do everything to accommodate your request.

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White Glove Delivery

3-Year Warranty

As low as $35/ Week

Coldture is Trusted By Professional Atheletes, Teams, Doctors And Trainers Across The NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, Olympic Games & The Military

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Finance from as low as $35/week

Finance options available for Affrim, Pay Plan RBC, and Financeit for as low as $35/Week

White Glove Delivery

Our delivery service comes with a warm and welcoming white glove delivery team ready to make your experience extra special. They'll arrive at your doorstep with a smile, carefully place your tub exactly where you envision it, and take care of all the packaging for you, leaving you with nothing to worry about but plunging.

Three Year Warranty

Every purchase includes Two year limited warranty, with the option to subscribe and get a FREE Three year limited warranty upgrade.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Control from Anywhere

Set your Pro Plunge temperature on your phone when you’re on the go. So you can dive into wellness as soon as you’re home from your busy day.

See What our Community is saying

I've used cold therapy almost every day of my career for recovery and this Coldture tub makes it super easy to do at home. It's been the perfect setup for me during the off-season to make sure I get proper recovery after intense skates and workouts.


Tom Wilson


Ok, I'm officially hooked. The feeling afterwards is abolutely incredible. Your body almost "radiates" and feels so relaxed and refreshed. I've implemented Coldture into my dail practice as there are SO. MANY. BENEFITS!


Dr. Taryn Thomas


100 Cold Plunges later and I'm feeling great! Thank you to the team at @coldture_ for creating such an amazing product! Amazing experience so far! The team at Coldture has gone above and beyond expectations with communication and support.


Blake Chancey


Coldture is like Alaska in my backyard and by far my favourite cold plunge because it's portable, durable, and proudly Canadian but also because it goes from 3° cold & all the way up to 105° hot.


Bryce Wylde


Cold plunging is helping me with my physical and mental health, I'm all in! 3 degrees, 3 minutes daily. Thanks to @coldture_ for making it easy! Their chiller keeps the water a consistent temperature - no ice required!


Chrisoula Van Oirschot


I've been doing cold plunges multiple times a week since December and can honestly saw this @coldture tub is some of the best money I've ever spent on myself and my mental health. Just a few minutes a day 3-4x a week has kept me as close to sane as possible.


Eric Sawatzky


I've been using the coldture tub consistently for the last 3 weeks and I feel amazing. It gives me a hit of dopamine that lasts as long as 3 hours. It’s helping with fat loss, helps manage stress and anxiety and I’m recovering from workouts a lot quicker.


Amy Aravantinos


the benefits of cold therapy



As cold water temporarily constricts blood vessels and suppresses nerve activity, it lowers pain and inflammation. Train harder and recover faster.



The T-cells and other natural anti-inflammatories in your body are increased when you take an ice bath. Also, it promotes a stronger immune system by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines.



The cold water balances your endocrine system. You will sleep better, think more clearly, and function at your best when your hormone levels are re-regulated.