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Ultra Barrel Light

Ultra Barrel Light

Portable, high quality cold plunging that introduces you to the cold, for less.

  • Enjoy Lasting Durability: Dive into wellness with peace of mind backed by a 3-year warranty.
  • Less Ice, more insulation: Stay cool longer with ultra cooling insulation.
  • Plunge at home or on the go: Set up and take down in minutes, anywhere you choose.
  • Ready to upgrade when you are: Ultra Barrel Light comes with pre-installed chiller connections to easily upgrade your cold plunge experience.
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Quality Matters
Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions
Finance for as low as $6.50 per week

Finance for as low as $6.50 per week


Includes 3- year warranty coverage


External dimensions:
75cm (w) x 75cm (h)

Internal dimensions:
65cm (w) x 75cm (h)weight: 25lbs

Water capacity:
250L capacity

Comfortably fits your height up to 6’8

Comfortably holds your weight up to 300Lbs

What’s Included

  • Barrel Light tub 
  • 3 year standard warranty
  • High performance 5CM thermal cover with buckles to keep your water cold and clean for longer
  • 2 way manual action pump for setup within 2 minutes 
  • Heavy duty  coldture carrying backpack 
  • Coldture repair kit 
  • Pre installed chiller connections and spout

Shipping & returns

Orders ship within 1-2 business days. At the time of purchase, please speak with a Coldture representative to receive an exact delivery estimate to your location. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way with tracking information.

We’re a Canadian company and currently ship anywhere in Canada and the USA. If you're interested in our products and live outside of North America, please contact us at and we’ll work to get you our products.

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Free shipping

3-Year Warranty

As low as $6.50 per week

Coldture is Trusted By Professional Atheletes, Teams, Doctors And Trainers Across The NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, Olympic Games & The Military

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Unlike competitors, our products are built to last.


Hand crafted thermal tech
Durable military grade PVC
3 year warranty
Just inflate and start plunging
 5cm of ultra cooling insulation
24/7 Canadian customer service team


Made from cheap plastic
Known to rip after a month
1 year warranty
Complicated “tent like” setup
Zero insulation technology
Limited customer service

See What our Community is saying

I've used cold therapy almost every day of my career for recovery and this Coldture tub makes it super easy to do at home. It's been the perfect setup for me during the off-season to make sure I get proper recovery after intense skates and workouts.


Tom Wilson


Ok, I'm officially hooked. The feeling afterwards is abolutely incredible. Your body almost "radiates" and feels so relaxed and refreshed. I've implemented Coldture into my dail practice as there are SO. MANY. BENEFITS!


Dr. Taryn Thomas


100 Cold Plunges later and I'm feeling great! Thank you to the team at @coldture_ for creating such an amazing product! Amazing experience so far! The team at Coldture has gone above and beyond expectations with communication and support.


Blake Chancey


Coldture is like Alaska in my backyard and by far my favourite cold plunge because it's portable, durable, and proudly Canadian but also because it goes from 3° cold & all the way up to 105° hot.


Bryce Wylde


Cold plunging is helping me with my physical and mental health, I'm all in! 3 degrees, 3 minutes daily. Thanks to @coldture_ for making it easy! Their chiller keeps the water a consistent temperature - no ice required!


Chrisoula Van Oirschot





I’m taller than most people, will I fit? 

Barrel Light is designed for heights up to 6’8 and Comfortably holds your weight up to 300Lbs

How long will it stay cold for?

  • We’ve incorporated 5cm of ultra cooling insulation technology to provide you cold water for up to a week.
  • That means less ice and lower temperatures for longer. 

How big is it?

  • DIMENSIONS: 75CM (W) X 75CM (H)
  • Comfortably fits your height up to 6’3 
  • Comfortably holds your weight up to 300Lbs

How easy is it to fill with water?

Barrel Light fills within 5 minutes.  Simply connect your garden hose to the lower water connector and fill until your cold plunge is around 70% filled.

Does it come with a lid?

Barrel light comes standard with a High performance, 5CM thermal cover with buckles to keep your water cold and clean for longer.

How much ice do I need?

To start experiencing cold therapy benefits, the water temperature on your cold plunge should be below 15°C. 

If you live in North America, your cold  tap water averages around 10-12°C. So if you’re just starting your cold plunge journey, this temperature is perfect for you. 

Adding ice to this will further reduce the temperature by 3-7 degrees depending on how much ice you use.

How many calories can I burn in 5 Minutes?

We are all unique! And Calorie burning depends heavily on your weight, metabolism and how much you’ve cold plunged in the past. 

On average, sitting in cold water therapy for 5 minutes can burn up to 250 calories. This is due to the body having to use fat stores in the body to maintain the body's core temperature.